CCCのテーマソング!「Illegale Fans」がやっぱりぶっ飛んでる


それが Illegale Fans (Deichkind)だ。


We are new and we have brains, you got nothing against us,
we crumble your strategies with every mouse-click

You say we are forbidden, because we gamble, steal and grab,
IP-adresses are faked, we stick at nothing
you say we are criminals, but we are just the users,
we go on with pirating in jail, copyright is for losers

You want war? You can get it, we arm our weapons,
we are not single ones, no, we are the masses

We are illegal, illegal, illegal fans.
Illegal, illegal, illegal fans
Illegal, illegal, illegal fans
Illegal, radical, digital fans

(Lyrics Translate より)

この、「俺たち犯罪者だけどそれがどうした!?」という徹底的な厚顔無恥さ、ふてぶてしさ。この前紹介した「FREE.MP3(The Pirate Bay SONG)」にも通じる、「体制」に対して弱い個人として、あるいは集団として、徹底的に抗戦するという姿勢。






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